Base rate $26,000
Per week | All Inclusive


Stock# 5861
Robertson and Caine
Winter Location
Caribbean Virgin Islands
Summer Location
Caribbean Virgin Islands


Sleeps 10
Staterooms 5
Head(s) 5
Queen(s) 5
Shower(s) 5
Jacuzzi No
Helicopter Pad No


LOA 58 Feet
Beam 28 Feet
Maximum draft 5.8 Feet
Water Sports
Scuba Onboard
Snorkel Gear Onboard
Adult Water Skis Yes
Kids Water Skis no
Knee Board no
Wind Surfer no
Tube Yes
Scurfer no
Wake Board Yes
1 Person Kayak no
2 Person Kayak Yes
Float Mats Yes
Fishing Gear Yes
Tender 16'
Tender Horsepower 60HP
Tender Pax 12
Jet Ski no
Waverunner no
Extra Toys

Other Entertainment:

Crew Profile

Captain Name: Miles Brill

Captain Nationality:

Number of Crew: 3

Crew Profiles:
Meet Captain Miles and First Mate/Chef Rachel and Stu Avery

There’s no question about it; Miles and Rachel are definitely the go-to couple in the Caribbean for that once-in-a-lifetime catamaran cruise. Together this power couple has the know how to help you fulfill your vacation dreams safely and comfortably aboard Sea Esta. From expert diving instructions and on-land excursions to gourmet cuisine paired with just the right wines, these two have it covered.

Miles has spent most of his life either in or under the sea. He lived abroad with his family for many years and fell in love with the ocean at a young age in Greece. He’s spent time on the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, and on the waters off the coasts of Honduras, Mexico and North Carolina. Miles has been a certified diver since he was 14 and a scuba instructor for the past seven years. He’s also a swim/free-diving instructor and has logged thousands of hours under water, certifying some 500-plus students. Miles is particularly talented at taking first-time divers into the water, where he does whatever it takes to get them feeling confident and safe. Those who have learned from Miles can’t say enough about his seemingly endless patience and kindness as a teacher. He practices that same diligence as a captain, ensuring his passengers always feel safe in his hands.

Miles spends his spare time helping the University of the Virgin Islands with its research on conservation of sea turtles, and is the cofounder of “Wet Fish,” a volunteer organization that removes underwater trash to help preserve the Caribbean’s ecosystem. He’s also an avid free diver and enjoys spearfishing.

Rachel grew up in an Italian family and knows the true meaning of comfort food, she got her culinary training under some of the top chefs from Philadelphia to New York and St. Croix. Having worked under the former Sous Chef of Morimoto, she brings a unique flair to pairing both simple and complex foods with some of the most exquisite wines. She can also mix up a cocktail that you won’t soon forget. Along with her culinary expertise, Rachel is a licensed Rasamaya yoga teacher focused on chakra balancing. She can also provide expert snorkeling guidance and, through years of experience, knows where the most beautiful coral reefs are hidden. Rachel is a professional fire dancer who has performed at numerous venues across the Caribbean. She’s not shy about sharing those experiences and may even be talked into giving a demonstration.

Rachel helped start the “Mermaids of St. Croix”, an organization that taught children the importance of proper trash removal in the ocean surrounding the Virgin Islands. She loves scuba diving (she’s PADI certified), free-diving, and has attended pilot school working towards her light craft license. When she returns to the states she loves riding her Ducati motorcycle and having campfires at the farm she grew up on.

Avory, having grown up in a small New England town right on the coast, the ocean stole her heart at a young age and she knew she never wanted to be far from it. A freelance/talented artist, the ocean is the source of much inspiration for her artwork. She received several awards and scholarships for her art, and went on to study Studio Art at the University of Vermont and in Florence, Italy. Graduating with a double major in 2012, she swapped her snowboard for a paddle board and warmer weather and made her move to the US Virgin Islands where she has been living like a local for the past 5+ years. This is where Avory met First Mate and Chef Rachel, working together for “Mermaids of St.Croix” also fire-dancing together and solidifying their lifelong friendship!

Avory is a perfect blend of zest and zen. Her enthusiasm and love of life balances harmoniously with her calming and tranquil nature. In a world that is often go-go-go, Avory has a wonderful way of offering you a chance to slow down and take in the beauty of all that surrounds you during your time on our sailing oasis. Whether you want to feel like you spent the week at the spa, like you just went on the wildest adventure of your life, or somewhere in between, Avory is your perfect companion/guide for whatever vibe you and your tribe would like to set for your time on Sea Esta!

Together Captain Miles and First Mate/Chef Rachel and Stu Avory will provide a unique vacation aboard SEA ESTA, tailored precisely to your needs and desires, which you will never forget. Welcome aboard!